Improving revalidation

  • England
  • Alan Fricker

  • Academic libraries
  • Revalidation is a valuable process for the individual but could be made more useful. People could opt in to discussing their submission with someone from another sector who has also recently submitted - a form of Randomised Coffee Trial. This would grow networks, offer fresh perspectives and provide stronger development. With relatively few revalidation submissions now being reviewed this could provide a simple way to close the cycle in a constructive way.

  • At submission people would identify their primary sector (to allow for people employed in one sector but mostly engaged in another), willingness to participate and to share their contact details.

    As submissions are received those participaring would be matched on a simple different sector basis. Both people would receive an email from CILIP putting them in contact. They could then chose when and how to meet - likely via a video call but in person if desired / manageable. They could exchange their submissions (with anything top secret redacted) ahead of meeting. A brief set of prompts could be prepared but essentially they are invited to share their development, consider future plans and exchange information.

    No additional reporting would be required to CILIP and CILIP would continue to carry out a sampling based approach to checking submissions. The overhead for CILIP would be low but the potential benefit to members could be substantial.

  • CILIP would need to produce revised guidance on submission of revalidation and perhaps some simple guidance on how a revalidation RCT might work.

    CILIP would need to carry out the small amount of putting in touch required as part of the process of receiving revalidation submissions. This should not take more than a couple of minutes with standard template messages.