Chartership Route for Cataloguers & Metadata Managers

  • Wales
  • Jane Daniels

  • Academic libraries
  • I note that CILIP have already partnered with KIM and HLG to create tailored chartership routes for these sectors. I would like to see the same option for cataloguers, metadata managers. This would not only provide a pathway for colleagues but help employers understand the value of technical skills to the organisation.

  • Work with CILIP MDG to expand PKSB modules that are pertinent to our sector of the community. Facilitate discussions with training organisations and LIS schools to develop and embed training in education and professional practice.

  • Support CILIP MDG in these endeavours and reach out to other professional organisations that might be interested in accessing the skills. e.g. The Archives & Records Assoc, ARLIS, Museums Association, BIC. Cataloguers and metadata managers work for GLAM but also for the commercial publishing industry.